Elegance In Interior Design.

Bedroom designing, kitchen cabinet designing, dining hall designing, living area designing, customized furniture designing and all levels of interior decorations.

An automated home or industry can change your olden security tensions…..

We Make Automated Homes

Gehoben builders integrate all the technical and electrical in your home and one-touch system in the monitor, touch screen, or mobile phone. It helps to control all the rooms in one click or a voice command or in setting a reminder

Lighting control systems

Google Home

Swimming Pool Management

One touch digital audio and video system

Smart Switches

Industrial Automation

Gehoben builders do automation in commercial areas so that a large number of manpower can be reduced. Industries, hospitals, shopping malls, smart shopping malls, airport, seaport,  commercial complex etc are in the real requirement of automation technology.

Leading Electromechanical  Designing and Contracting Firm.

We analysis ,design,manufacture and maintenance of equipment and products   based on combination of electronic circuits and mechanical systems

  •  Design various equipments for different automation products
  • Test  the products and implement according to customised requirements

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